Rosin Press Machine KP-1


Rosin Heat Press Machine

KP-4 Rosin Heat Press Machine 4T 220V 700W Dual Heating Plate for Rosin & Dried Flowers with Digital Temperature Control

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Rosin Heat Press Machine Accessories

Rosin Heat Press Filter Bag

Micron Press rosin Bag Ultra Strong 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh Press Bags for Heat Pressing Rosin Oil Extraction Filtration Bag

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Rectanglular Rosin Pre Press Mold

2x4 Inch Rectanglular Rosin Pre Press Mold Magnetic Closure Made of Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum with 5 Press Bags

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Rosin Heat Press Paper

Rosin Heat Press Paper Food Grade Baking Paper Special for Heat Pressing Bags Oil Extraction Filtration

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Rosin Heat Press Machine KP-2

1T 220V 100W Rosin Extractor Machine

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Feedback from customers

This mold is no different from a mold that is twice the price. You can spend more, but it will not have any impact on the final result. We provide extrusion service in the head office, this Pre Press Mold is perfect for making bricks.


Livrée en même pas 1 semaine alors que il était prévu 1 mois et demi.

Excellent emballage, bien protégé.


Excellent product, high quality and easy to use. really good. The customer service is really good, providing detailed guidance and support via message or email when needed.

Anita Moriano